Aloha! Often when travelers stop at our shop in Waikiki for tastings, they ask us about activities to do here. I'll often think of creative ways to pair an experience on the island with a bottle of wine, to the delight of our patrons. 

To help our guests prepare before taking off for their much anticipated vacation, we bring you this carefully thought out things-to-do blog written with aloha from our staff. Each month we share a suggestion for travelers that is off the beaten path of most tourists' itinerary publications. 

Kama'aina? Even when we live here in this stunning paradise, it is easy to get carried away in the hum-drum work week routine. We hope our blog will serve as a reminder to get back out there and experience Hawaii with fresh eyes. 

the RIDE 

Some obvious activities like a luau or trip to the touristy, Waikiki Beach may be a little too no-brainier for the curious traveler, so our first suggested remedy takes you on a scenic bike journey through Ala Moana Beach Park and Kaka'ako. 

Ala Moana Beach Park is a beautiful golden-sand beach with 100-acres of recreational greenery. This park is a favorite among locals for BBQ-ing with family, extravagant children's birthday parties, outdoor yoga class, relaxing with co-workers on fun-spirited company activities with enough space and peace to still enjoy paddle boarding, swimming and sunbathing without ever feeling crowded. 

Starting from the Island Mana Wines shop on Ena Road and Ala Moana Boulevard, go towards Ala Moan Center for approximately 3 blocks. Beautiful Ala Moana Beach Park will be on the left-hand side of Ala Moan Boulevard, directly across from Ala Moana Center. 

With so much to explore on your bicycle adventure through the park, we definitely recommend riding out to the Magic Island Lagoon to the far left as you enter the park. There is a loop path that stretches around the Magic Island portion of the park with a small cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You'll probably see locals fishing and families playing sports together. Many of the people are friendly, and this is a great place to come out of your shell and say hello. This area is so inviting and tranquil; you may want to have a picnic basket in hand. Of course you'll want to enjoy a glass of wine with your meal, just be sure to pour it in a glass to avoid open-container fines. After the picnic, continue exploring the park. There is always something interesting to see! 

Continue along the path parallel to Ala Moana Boulevard until you reach the edge of the park. The path will take you back out to Ala Moana Boulevard; make a left to continue towards the Kaka'ako commercial district. We suggest making a right into the district at the car dealerships either on Kouka or Cooke Street. (Local pro-tip: Look for walls splashed with colorful murals!) 

The Kaka'ako district has a rich history; formerly a residential area for Hawaiian royalty, a rich agricultural wetland and burial ground of Native Hawaiian people. Today, it is an exciting part of Hawaii's evolving urban-lifestyle and development. There are a wide variety of events you can attend like, "Eat the Street" happening every last Friday of the month with over 40 food trucks and vendors. (Find out more at 

You'll also find an Eco-culinary plethora of eateries that cross-cultivate the food experience with art, live art shows and art events such as the annual Pow!Wow! Hawaii that beautify this thriving area with vivid murals each February commissioning both local and word-wide artists. Some of the murals are more obvious while other hidden gems require a zestful quest through the district's industrial alleyways. It's common to see b-boy dance offs, passionate artisans hand-crafting their work before your eyes, intriguing nightlife event with distinct local style and so much more! 

Approximate activity time: 2 to 4.5 hours 

Wine to pair with: Island Mana Mango tropical wine, $35. 

Get started: Rent bikes from the Island Mana Wine shop, only $25 for the entire day! 

Upgrade your activity: Beach Picnic Lunch Basket (includes bottle of wine, cheese, premium crackers, salami or pate, Ghiradelli chocolate, picnic basket, glasses, utensils, etc.), $100.

Happily written by staff member, Jawni Visionaire