June News From Island Mana Wines

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We have launched our Kickstarter Project for The Winery at Manzanita.  It only runs until July 8th, so please jump in and grab some great rewards while helping us create amazing small batch wines on the Oregon Coast!


Prizes range from logo wine merchandise to tapas and pizza parties, winemaker dinners to dedicated a tasting room chair, barrel, grape vine or even design your own label.  Click here to check out all the rewards and our pretty awesome video about the new winery coming this Fall 2015.

Wine of the Month

                           Our pineapple wine is off-dry, much like a chardonnay, with a smokey nose

                           Our pineapple wine is off-dry, much like a chardonnay, with a smokey nose

Our pineapple wine, Hala kahiki (pineapple in Hawaiian) is a golden yellow color and has a rich, dry, natural juicy flavor with a smoky nose.  Made from Oahu island fruit.

Our pure, 100% pineapple tropical wine carries the original fruit color and flavor forward like a breeze into the wine. It is our second driest (extra-sec) wine, after the Luana Liliko'i. Extremely food-friendly, it pairs wonderfully with almost any dish.  I enjoy it with Pad Thai, pizza and paninis.  Shop here now to SAVE 10%, from $35 to $13.50.  Use code WOTM.

Vineyard Work in Wisconsin

We did an enormous amount of work the last two weeks of May in Wisconsin in the family vineyard.  We pruned the young vines, planted more vines and put the line and end posts in the ground for the trellis (photos below).  After a good rain last week the vines and hops are really taking off.  A big thank you to my mom, dad and brother Eric for their help and wonderful meals while I was home.

I hope you have a beautiful June and can be a part of the winery through our Kickstarter Campaign!


Mark Proden
Island Mana Wines in Waikiki